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I recently sent in for repair a Smith Turbo Goggle that I had purchased quite some time ago. I'm guessing that, at the time of my purchase, I opted to overpay for Smith, as I expected a quality product and a "Lifetime Warranty." Unfortunately, I was wrong on both accounts. The problem was that the foam had deteriorated along the top and bottom sides. Please note that the foam that deteriorated is NOT the foam that contacts one's face - it is the foam that allows air flow and ventilation for the fan, to prevent fogging. I expected that when I purchase a "top of the line" product with a "LIFETIME WARRANTY," the manufacturer would actually honor that warranty and repair or replace the defective product. WRONG!!

Apparently, as defined by Smith, LIFETIME is restricted to whatever Smith feels is convenient, and for whatever reason.

Their warranty statement reads:

"...We built our reputation on quality, performance product and we stand behind it. If you experience a manufacturing defect in materials or workmanship Smith Optics warrants your sunglasses, goggles and helmets for the lifetime of the product, and we will repair or replace the product at no charge."

"...This warranty program lasts for the lifetime of your Smith product. This warranty program covers all parts of your Smith product and applies to all types of manufacturing defects or failure..."

First I was told that "...the foam is expected to rot, and is not considered to be a manufacturers' defect." I was given lots of excuses about "...putting them away wet, etc." I NEVER put them away wet, but moreover, if you manufacturer sports equipment that is expected to normally get wet, it SHOULD be able to tolerate the wet without rotting! Snow is wet. If they spent a bit more time outdoors, rather than finding legal loopholes to squirm out of their "Lifetime Warranty," they might have realized that.

The "Lifetime Warranty" ploy probably attracts more customers, but the truth is, their "Lifetime Warranty" is perfect if you expect to live for three weeks.

Craftsman tools truly offers a "Lifetime Warranty." Smith Optics could learn a thing or two about both honesty and quality from Craftsman.

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Manhattan Beach, California, United States #1356573

Smith 'warranty' on sunglasses is bogus.I had aviator style polarized with fully adjustable nose pads.

The lens coating started peeling so they offered me $169 website credit but unfortunately the only similar model cost $279.So the lifetime warranty basically just offers a take it or leave it discount off the inflated list price which no competitive retailer would ever charge.


I agree with you totally.If you guarantee your product with a lifetime warranty.

They simply should take care of any problems you may have and replace or repair it.I'm looking to buy some ski google, but now I can simply cross off buying any Smith googles.

Melbourne, Florida, United States #1176123

I recently contacted Smith to get my sunglasses repaired and they no longer sell that particular model, I was told because they are discontinued I may purchase a comprable pair for 60% off. Not my fault that they don't have the replacement parts and I do not want to spend even 60% discount when it's supposed to be covered under warranty I feel your pain

Jeffersonville, Vermont, United States #1163473

I agree.I had a similar problem with a pair of smith action optics sunglasses.

The frames have "melted" & become sticky. They did NOT stand by their lifetime warranty.

Don't be fooled by their warranty.It is a bogus ploy to get you to buy their overpriced cheap products.


This page worried me, and certainly many others, so I guess it is only fair to share my experience.I do not have any connection to Smith and am not suggesting those who have not had good experiences are being dishonest.

A lot of time has passed since the original post and policies may have changed, perhaps in response to complaints made here.

I am happy to report that Smith quickly honored their warranty on a well-used pair of top-of-the line goggles with the same foam issues mentioned here. The company acknowledged this was a manufacture defect and provided a credit toward the purchase of new goggles. I called the number in the warranty email and the person I spoke with was very friendly and helpful.

While Smith was willing to replace with the same model I will use the credit to buy newer goggles.

The warranty person mentioned the credit is good for 1 year and people often wait for Fall to shop the newest models and biggest selection.

A couple replies to the original post indicate others were having foam issues and not taking advantage of the warranty.In my case this would have been a mistake.


I hate to disagree with unsatified consumers, as that is part of my job to resolve them for a home services company.However this post was on the first google page when looking for warranty info.

I unfortunately have had to use their warranty process however have had amazing experiences!I have used smith optics for decades and will never rely on another company to fill that need for me.


I work for a Smith optics dealer and recently sent in a pair of Maverick sunglasses for a broken frame.First off, the customer service reps have for years been some of the least helpful and almost rude people that seemingly are bothered by your phone call.

So anyway, my glasses fell off of my ballcap and onto the ground. One of the temple pieces broke as a result. Well, Smith claims that this is not a manufacturer defect and won't warranty them. I did in some fairness get an offer of a discount on a current pair, but this is far from the norm of the way Smith used to handle warranty claims.

I've dropped other Smith glasses even my Costas and they haven't broke. So why is this not a defect? I am quite pissed off between them not honoring my claim and having to deal with what they call customer service.

I also sell Costas.Just guess what sunglass is my new favorite and which I'll be selling to my customers, Smith?


Smith just got done telling me that I had compromised my Smith frames by having prescription lenses put in them.Never mind that the issue is that the cheapass rubber nose pad fell off.

I guess if their nosepads are that drastically affected by lenses, that there must be a design problem.What a joke?

Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada #911656

I purchaced some limited edition ($$$$) smith I/O goggles and one of the retaining arms broke, sent them in for repair and got a plain jane black frame with two different lenses than what i sent in.Their excuse was they only cover for basic frames and wont give me what i am entitled to.

The also said they didn't have sensor mirror lenses so they sent red sensor mirror, really you make the stuff but you don't have them?I hate smith with a passion for screwing me.

Homelake, Colorado, United States #772023

Thanks for all in information on the foam on the ski goggles.

I have a pair that I love but the foam has just fallen apart.

I will replace them instead of sending them in for repairs.

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